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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Your Routine service fee?
Our routine service fee starts at $65.00 and goes up to $145.00 depending on the area or state service is needed in.

In Colorado what is the latest time that someone can be served?
Colorado does not have any limitations on times or dates someone can be served. Other States do have limitations. Please check your state for times and dates that are allowed for service of process.

What are some examples of limitations of when someone can be served in another state?
Some states do not allow service of process on Sunday. Other states do not allow someone to be served on certain holidays. There are also states that do not allow you to serve someone who is traveling to court. Colorado Attorney Services knows how each state differs. Hiring Colorado Attorney Services is your first step to ensuring your case is successful.

What happens when a person cannot be found to be served?
In this case the defendant gets served by publication in the newspaper. In most cases the plaintiff has the burden of proof. They will need to show the courts that reasonable attempts where made to serve the plaintiff. Colorado Attorney Services provides you the documentation you need for proof of attempts at service of process.

How do you deal with someone who refuses to accept the service of process?
At Colorado Attorney Services we pride ourselves on professionalism. In most cases we are able to get the defendant to accept their court documents. If they absolutely refuse, we may have to leave the papers where they are in front of them. It is generally accepted by the courts that informing a defendant that they have been served in a case is enough and the defendant would be responsible for following through with the courts.

What areas do we cover?
We cover the entire state of Colorado and Nationally throughout the United States.

Do you just serve Colorado?
We serve nationally as well at the entire state of Colorado.

If you don't get them at the first address will the attempts roll over to the next address?
No. We charge per address up to four attempts.

Why do you charge for the additional papers when you are going to the same address?
Each service receives an affidavit of service, the service fee is for each affidavit of service that is created.

How soon after placing the order will the service be attempted?
For routine service the first attempt is generally within 4-7 days and on Rush services within 24-72 hours.

Do the documents have to be the originals?
In Colorado you can serve copies of the documents as long as there is not an embossed stamp on said documents. Other states require the originals to be served.

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