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We provide each client with service that is of superior quality. You won’t be able to find a better-quality attorney services provider in the state. With our professionally trained team, we can provide you with expert service of process, detailed skip tracing, and court record retrieval. Colorado Attorney Services also issues and serves out of state subpoenas for those who need it. Our standard for preforming such services is achieved with every client to secure their happiness in the process.

Colorado Attorney Services Process Serving

Process Serving

Colorado Attorney Services provides high quality process servers who work with organizations, corporate legal departments, solo and small firm lawyers, and individuals. We handle high volume serves...

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Colorado Attorney Services Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing

In the case of an evasive defendant, Colorado Attorney Services provides skip tracing in order to locate a person. Skip tracing is the process of investigating the whereabouts of someone who...

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Colorado Attorney Services Court Records Retrieval

Court Records Retrieval

For the convenience of our clients we offer court records retrieval. Although it seems like retrieving records should be a simple process, it can be laborious and time-consuming. It often involves...

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Colorado Attorney Services Issue and Serve Out of State Subpoenas

Issue and Serve Out of State Subpoenas

We take care of your out-of-state subpoenas issued for local service anywhere in Colorado. All subpoenas served are done so in compliance with laws and regulations from the foreign state...

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