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Issue and Serve Out of State Subpoenas

We take care of your out-of-state subpoenas issued for local service anywhere in Colorado. All subpoenas served are done so in compliance with laws and regulations from the foreign state and Colorado state law. We also offer multiple serves to nationwide law firms as necessary. Please let us know if you have any further questions about our process.

What is a subpoena? Many people have heard the word, but don’t truly know what it means. In short, it means that you’re being summoned to court or to provide needed information for a court case. There are different types of subpoenas that require different actions from the intended party. Colorado Attorney Services understands that subpoenas can be weighty to have to serve. Not many people welcome them. Some people who feel that they will likely be served may leave the state or even go into hiding.

Instructions for Issuing a Subpoena in Support of an Action Outside the State of Colorado

Whether the person who needs to be served is in the state of Colorado, has left the state of Colorado, or never was in the state to begin with, Colorado Attorney Services is your process server to issue and serve out of state subpoenas. Trying to figure out and work with a firm that is out of state to issue the subpoena can be a big hassle and stressful to say the least. Being a local firm, we have been able to help make sure that we take away a layer of that stress.

Colorado Attorney Services makes every client our top priority. Communication with each of them is always prompt and frequent so that you’re never wondering what is going on and where everything is at in the stream of things. Not only are you getting a team of certified professionals that have years of training, but you’re also kept in the loop every step of the way.

If you need a subpoena issued and served out of state, then don’t look any further. Colorado Attorney Services is all you’ll need! We offer competitive rates and always deliver on time as stipulated. Give us a call today or fill out our online request form to get the process started today!

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