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Services in Monument, CO

Unfortunately, there may be times when you are involved in a court case. In such cases, you may need to summon another individual to court as well. If this is the situation you find yourself in, there is no need to worry. Residents of Monument, CO have a trusted friend in the legal field that can assist in serving both local and nationwide subpoenas. Our process servers are careful to follow all the laws in the given state that we may have to serve the subpoena in so you never have to worry about whether this will be done properly and on time.

In the event of an evasive defendant, our servers are also highly skilled in finding such persons whether in Monument, another part of Colorado, or in another state altogether. You can rest assured that when you call Colorado Attorney Services, we have you covered. We can start the “goose chase” with very little information such as a name and a partial social security number. With databases at our disposal, the needed stake outs, and any information from friends and relatives we can ensure that the summons reaches the hands of the intended person. We take care of the difficult tasks so that you don’t have to worry about the rest.

Colorado Attorney Services is your one stop shop for legal assistance services. Be it notary, skip tracing, and more. Look at all the services we have to offer. Whatever service you may need we can provide you with it at a superior quality and with competitive pricing. Call us today if you have questions or need our services! You can also fill out our online request form if you’re not able to call at this point in time.