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Skip Tracing

In the case of an evasive defendant, Colorado Attorney Services provides skip tracing in order to locate a person. Skip tracing is the process of investigating the whereabouts of someone who has “skipped town.” Skip tracing can also be used to find a missing person or witness for legal court case or private individual situations.

CAS initiates an investigation into the missing subject based on any and all previous information provided. With just a name, prior address, and/or partial social security number, we can begin seeking out more in-depth materials about the missing person. CAS uses property searches, criminal records, motor vehicle search, conversations with family members and law enforcement agents, and many other investigative tactics to provide a big picture of the subject. We then analyze the information to provide an accurate estimation of a new location. Many clients use skip tracing alongside process serving when a recipient is avoiding being served.

With our knowledge of Colorado and the Denver area, we provide quality and efficient skip tracing throughout the state. Through our network of associations, connections and thorough database research, we are also able to accurately locate people who have left the state. Never feel as if you’re at a loss because you feel the missing person may have high tailed it out of the state. Our team follows through with our skip tracing service, meaning that we will follow them out of state too.

This service isn’t just for those who might be trying to avoid getting served. We can help others who may be in search of a missing person for one reason or another. Colorado Attorney Services takes our job seriously, making sure that we do everything in our power to find them. We have years of experience and training that affords us the ability to know exactly what we need and what we are looking for. This has proven to be beneficial to all who have come to us trying to find where someone might have disappeared to.

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