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Colorado Attorney Services has their focus on providing each client with superior quality services. We value each client relationship by making sure that we meet their needs and expectations. Serving subpoenas and process serving is most of the work we do. The owner, James D. Roland, has ensured that his team of professionals are trained and continually updated about the laws casing what makes a serve legally valid. The team that James Roland must put together to form Colorado Attorney Services is all about providing you with exceptional service. Here is how we do it.

When You Need Skip Tracing

When You Need Skip Tracing

One of our core services at CAS is skip tracing. Skip tracing is commonly utilized in situations where locating individuals who are difficult to find is necessary. If you are not certain what situations might call for skip tracing, here are some specific scenarios where skip tracing services may be needed.

Debt Collection

Skip tracing is often used by debt collectors to locate individuals who have defaulted on their payments or have become unresponsive. Skip tracers employ various techniques and databases to track down debtors, including searching public records, utility bills, credit reports, and social media platforms.

Legal Proceedings

Skip tracing can be valuable in legal matters when individuals need to be served with legal documents, such as subpoenas, summonses, or court orders. If someone is intentionally avoiding being served, skip tracers can employ advanced search methods to locate them and ensure legal proceedings can move forward.

Missing Persons

Skip tracing services are frequently employed in missing persons cases, including locating relatives, heirs, or witnesses. Private investigators and law enforcement agencies may use skip tracing techniques to locate individuals who have gone missing voluntarily or involuntarily.

Insurance Claims

In insurance investigations, skip tracing can be utilized to locate claimants, witnesses, or individuals involved in fraudulent activities. By tracing their whereabouts, insurers can gather necessary information for claims processing and investigations.

Asset Recovery

Skip tracing services are valuable when attempting to recover assets or property, such as repossessing vehicles or foreclosing on properties. Skip tracers can locate the individuals associated with the assets, ensuring a smooth recovery process.

Employment Background Checks

Skip tracing can be utilized as part of pre-employment screening processes to verify an applicant's employment history or check for any discrepancies. It can help employers ensure that candidates are providing accurate information and have not attempted to conceal past employment or other relevant details.

Child Support Enforcement

Skip tracing techniques are often used to locate noncustodial parents who have failed to pay child support. By tracking down these individuals, authorities can ensure that children receive the financial support they are entitled to.

It's important to note that skip tracing services should always be conducted in accordance with local laws and regulations, and ethical guidelines should be followed to protect individuals' privacy and rights, something that our team at Colorado Attorney Services always makes sure to do. So the next time you are dealing with one of the scenarios listed above, don’t hesitate to reach out and take advantage of our skip tracing services.

By Colorado Attorney Services 7-31-2023