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Colorado Attorney Services has their focus on providing each client with superior quality services. We value each client relationship by making sure that we meet their needs and expectations. Serving subpoenas and process serving is most of the work we do. The owner, James D. Roland, has ensured that his team of professionals are trained and continually updated about the laws casing what makes a serve legally valid. The team that James Roland must put together to form Colorado Attorney Services is all about providing you with exceptional service. Here is how we do it.

Can You Be Served at Work?

Can You Be Served at Work?

For the most part, no one wants to get served papers. Afterall, most documents that process servers are called upon to deliver do not contain the best news. Thankfully, most people are served with papers at their home where you have some privacy. If a person is difficult to find at home or it is evident that they are avoiding the inevitable, a process server will take other routes. This includes visiting you at your place of employment.

Servers Are Discreet

Keep in mind that process servers are professionals. They have a job to do, and they do not want to cause a scene or embarrass you in any way. So, you can be confident that the process server will be discreet. Most commonly, the process server will ask the receptionist if you are present and simply say that they have something to give to you. From there, if you take the papers without protest, the transaction can be subtle, seamless, and over in moments. You do not have to tell your coworkers what was given to you if you do not want to, and we certainly will not tell your coworkers either. That is your business.

Visiting Your Place of Work is a Last Resort

A process server will usually make several attempts to contact you at home before resorting to visiting you at your place of employment. But if they cannot reach you or you live in a gated community, this is the next logical step. And it is always beneficial to keep in mind that process servers are performing a job that protects you and your rights. Being notified of a court matter that involves you gives you the chance to refute it or defend yourself. Whatever documents a process server has for you, you want to have.

In conclusion, yes, a process server can and will visit you at work if the situation calls for it, but they will always be discreet when doing so.

If you are someone who needs process serving, contact our experienced and professional team at Colorado Attorney services today!

By Colorado Attorney Services 2-28-2022