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Colorado Attorney Services has their focus on providing each client with superior quality services. We value each client relationship by making sure that we meet their needs and expectations. Serving subpoenas and process serving is most of the work we do. The owner, James D. Roland, has ensured that his team of professionals are trained and continually updated about the laws casing what makes a serve legally valid. The team that James Roland must put together to form Colorado Attorney Services is all about providing you with exceptional service. Here is how we do it.

What is the Process of a Temporary Restraining Order

There are lots of reasons to file a temporary restraining order. There are several different types and reasons for filing. If you have suffered abuse, confronting the reality of the situation can be traumatic. For many, it's a source of anxiety. Particularly belligerent or violent offenders will be more dangerous to deal with. If that applies to your situation, we invite you to try the services of Colorado Attorney Services. We're a professional process server in the state of Colorado. We follow all the requisite legal procedures to serve the accused. We are tactful and make all attempts to ensure the situation doesn't escalate.

Filing a temporary restraining order against someone known to harm others requires caution. You don't want to end up endangering yourself by giving someone bad news or confronting them. You'll also want to make sure that you and everyone you know are safe from the potential fallout. Our process servers at Colorado Attorney Services use the proper safety measures for this. If you or a friend still want to serve them their papers, you need to ensure that you follow those same precautions.

Remember, human beings aren't always predictable, even if you're sure you know them. Bad news has a way of contorting the context of a situation to make people think irrationally. This is especially true if they are mentally unhinged, prone to having a bad temper, or resort to violence. As we mentioned, you need to adhere to these basic guidelines to make sure that you remain safe. Protecting yourself from further harm is of the utmost importance.

First, make sure that you don't confront the offender at night. Nighttime has low visibility and fewer witnesses. On top of this, never enter someone's home, even if they insist. Before you even make it to their house, have an escape plan in case things take a bad turn. Inform someone of where you have gone, how long you will be, and when you expect to be back. Make sure that you park your vehicle in such a way that you can flee to it and escape without hassle or interference. Remain vigilant for the entire time and make a note of your surroundings. Do not try to address an inebriated person. They may not have the faculties to understand or remember the severity of the situation. If you're not comfortable at any point in the situation, execute your escape plan.

At Colorado Attorney Services, your safety is the highest priority. We have trained staff that know about how to handle dangerous individuals. We are well-versed in serious situations, even if they happen to go awry. If you have any concerns about serving legal a notice yourself, we offer a service to help with the process. If you do feel that you'd be putting yourself at risk, or dislike the idea, don't hesitate to get in touch. You may call our office or fill out the form located on our website so that we can make arrangements to help you.

By Colorado Attorney Services 6-28-2019