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Reasons Why You Should Get a Copy of Your Child Custody Agreement

Reasons Why You Should Get a Copy of Your Child Custody Agreement

Here at Colorado Attorney Services, we know the value of obtaining certain court records. Whether simply for personal knowledge and record keeping or to further aid you in endeavors related to the records you are retrieving, they can be worth having. One area where courts are often called in revolves around child custody cases. But why would it be beneficial for you to have a copy of your child custody agreement, or what reasons would you have for wanting it? We will discuss some of those reasons with you here today.

Custody Basics

Co-parenting can always pose a challenge, and this is only amplified when parents do not live under the same roof. Based on a careful review of either parent’s ability to care for the child, history of violence in a home or substance abuse or addiction, the child’s age, health, and emotional ties to the parents, among other things, a court will make a decision based on what they believe in is the best interests of the child. Parents will ultimately be looking at either one parent having sole physical custody or both parents having joint physical custody.

Potential Custody Issues

There are many reasons why a couple may need to establish a custody arrangement. For one reason or another, you as parents do not live together anymore, maybe you never did. And even under the most agreeable of circumstances, arguments over what is the best interest of the child arise.

Or worse yet, a parent may be ignoring to follow the legal arrangements that were set by the court. Perhaps they are only allowed to see the child under supervision, but it has come to your attention that they have been skirting around having any during visits. Perhaps they are trying to keep the child from visitations with you that you have rights to. Maybe you are even facing a case of kidnapping where the other parent has illegally taken the child and will not let you see them.

These are all good reasons to have a copy of your custody agreement. With it, you can firmly know what you and the other parent are legally entitled to when it comes to the child. You can remind yourself and the other parent of these agreements if needed. Or in extreme cases like kidnapping, you can use it to alert the authorities.

Hopefully, you and your co-parent can peacefully figure out how to care for the person that matters most, your child. If you need a copy of your child custody agreement, however, Colorado Attorney Services is a mere call away.

By Colorado Attorney Services 4-26-2021