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Colorado Attorney Services has their focus on providing each client with superior quality services. We value each client relationship by making sure that we meet their needs and expectations. Serving subpoenas and process serving is most of the work we do. The owner, James D. Roland, has ensured that his team of professionals are trained and continually updated about the laws casing what makes a serve legally valid. The team that James Roland must put together to form Colorado Attorney Services is all about providing you with exceptional service. Here is how we do it.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You File for Divorce

Things to Keep in Mind Before You File for Divorce

If you are contemplating divorce, then there are some things that you will want to get in order before even starting. Among the first things that you need to consider is what kind of divorce it is. Is it amicable or is your spouse violent and your life in danger? If the divorce is amicable, then there is no need to have a process server serve your spouse documents of any kind. You will be there together and file together. Everyone will be aware of what is going on. If they are violent or your safety might be at risk, then it is important you call specific hotlines that know how to deal with this situation. They will help you plan a way to get out of your marriage safely. However, if your spouse is not violent but the divorce is still not amicable then you can call us.

Filing for Divorce

When you file for divorce, you must go to the court with the proper paperwork filled out. After you have done this you will be given the needed papers that will have to be served to your spouse. When it comes to serving papers, you will need to look up what your state specifically requires for it to be valid and see as such by the court.

When it comes to Colorado, it is required that you use a third-party individual to serve such documents. It should be noted that in Colorado you are not allowed to serve them yourself. Colorado Attorney Services can help you when it comes to needing someone to serve such papers. We have been in the business for many years, making us one the most reliable in the area. Included in our years of experience we have served papers to those who have a history of violence. If your spouse has such a record, we always ask that you disclose that to us from the beginning. In doing so we are better able to prepare for the job ahead and handle it appropriately and safely.

After the divorce papers have been served, you will then be able to proceed with your divorce proceedings. We recommend that you get a divorce attorney though. They are very few people who can proceed without one. Some try to do it this way to save money, but it is not worth it if your spouse is difficult in any way.

Colorado Attorney Services are here to help you every step of the way! We know that divorce can be stressful. Call us today if you need papers served! This will be one less thing off your plate. You can also fill out our online request form and we will give you a call.

By Colorado Attorney Services 7-31-2020